William Russell Price

Attorney and Business Advisor

Business Consulting

William Russell Price specializes in start-up and small businesses, business formation, operating agreements, licensure and compliance, intellectual property, and business strategy.

Business Formations

Sole Proprietorship or Partnership? LLC or S-Corp? Are you ready for a C-Corp? Entity selection is critical as your venture seeks the right balance of asset protection, tax treatment, corporate flexibility, and growth potential. Will helps you select the right entity and process your corporate filings.

Business Operating Agreements

Every business with more than one member needs a set of Operating Agreements. Your Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Buy-Sell Agreements, Executive Compensation Agreements, and other venture documents provide a strong foundation to govern your entity, improve decisionmaking, prepare for expansion, promote smooth transitions as owners exit, and create fair expectations for all owners. Will helps you build custom operating agreements for your business.

Business Planning and Strategy

Plan for Success. Execute your plan. Investors want a plan, not just an idea. Will helps you draft a complete and comprehensive business plan that envisions your future, sets credible goals, establishes progress milestones, attracts customers and investors, and supports your vision.

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