William Russell Price

Attorney and Business Advisor

Employment Law

William Russell Price has extensive experience with employment law advising, state and federal compliance, internal policies and training, employee discipline, and workplace investigations for major employers.

Employment Law Policies and Practice

Employment law is complex. Federal and state laws overlap, but differ in significant ways. The laws are constantly changing. If you have employees, you need a current and comprehensive Employee Handbook. Smart employers develop a set of policies that you and your managers can consistently apply to hiring, discipline, termination, and other employee actions. Get the right policies and practices in place and you will avoid 90% of the employment law problems that trip up small businesses.

Hiring and Employee On-Boarding

Start on the right foot with every employee. Make sure your hiring processes - advertising, interviewing, document requirements, and background checks - are in order. Protect your business, and convey your professionalism to new employees, with a practical and complete employee on-boarding practices and materials.

Supervisor and Employee Training

Workplace training for supervisors and employees is required. It's also good business. California now requires anti-discrimination and harassment training for any employer with five or more employees. It is a smart idea for all employers. Additional employee training on workplace privacy, workplace safety, operating vehicles and machinery, all promote a professional work environment and lower risk for your business.

Workplace Investigations

When a business is faced with a significant employee complaint, a prudent employer initiates (and may be required to initiate) a workplace investigation. While an investigation may sometimes be handled internally, a skilled outside investigator brings experience, objectivity, and a well-documented assessment to support effective risk management and decisionmaking.

Employee Discipline and Termination

Employee discipline and termination is stressful for owners, managers, and affected employees. Promote professionalism and protect your business in these critical decisions. Effective policies and practices, and sound legal advice, are crucial to managing these events.

Executive and Employee Compensation

Many businesses have complex compensation schemes for executives, key technical employees, and commission-based sales personnel. Make sure your compensation agreements are legal, are easy to manage, and protect the expectations of the parties.

Employee Benefits and Workers' Comp Insurance

As your business provides benefits to employees, consult with us on best practices and for referrals to experienced benefits providers. Make sure your business complies with employee benefits laws and maintains appropriate insurance coverages for your activities.

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